Automatic Enquiry Handling

26th Aug 2016

For years, Rightmove have maintained that the speed of response to their enquiries has a profound effect on an agent’s chances of converting the lead into business.

Many forward-thinking agencies have teams geared up to specifically deal with these enquiries in a timely manner, but the race to respond is one that can also be automated via email. This will tend to be quicker than any manual response. Automation often beats determination, especially with enquiries that come in out of hours.

When Rightmove and other sources of internet enquiries send emails to RPS, the emails are parsed to create the records that can be reviewed in the Internet Registrations function. At the same time, Reapit’s Property Pulse tool can generate an Autoresponder; the marketing phrase associated with an automatic email response to an online enquiry.

This is a big opportunity to make a great first impression and your automated message to the recipient can achieve a number of things:


Reassurance – Offer the enquirer the reassurance that their enquiry has been received


Responsiveness – Demonstrate the high value that you place on service by responding so quickly with the Autoresponder, but also set the expectation of what will happen next. What if the enquiry has come in out of hours? Property Pulse can vary its messaging depending on when the enquiry is received.


Authority – Aside from the chance that your Autoresponder will beat your team to answering the enquiry, it also has the potential to engage them differently and for longer. Handling the enquiry itself may simply involve arranging a viewing or valuation; a practical engagement. The Autoresponder presents you with the opportunity to influence the lead with other content that can demonstrate your authority as an agent. For example, offer a link to your latest Market Overview or Guide to Selling. Property Pulse can also match properties to the one in the enquiry and present other matches automatically in the email, further demonstrating your ability to serve their requirements and potentially driving them to your own website to engage further.

Permission – as the enquiry has come via a third party, this is also your first chance to forge a digital relationship with the lead. As Autoresponders are so timely, they typically achieve very high engagement rates. It is not uncommon to see them get a four times better engagement rate. From a technical perspective, this does something very important. Most email applications now include algorithms that learn what their owners read and don't read. If you are consistently sending to a contact who is never reading your emails, the mailbox application can start diverting your messages from the inbox to junk folders. By getting your Autoresponder read, you tell the recipients mail application that you are a legitimate sender.

Profiling – With the rich variety of further content that your Autoresponder can deliver, you have a good chance of driving the lead back to your own site or other digital content. This is where you can then leverage the tracking capabilities of your own website.

For most agents, Property Pulse has the potential to augment their existing response mechanisms, but for those looking at online and hybrid models, this sort of technology can serve as your primary response mechanism as you focus on a digital relationship.

If you would like to learn more about RPS and how it can help your agency, contact us today to discuss the best solution for your business. If you are an exisiting client and want further information on Property Pulse and advice on best practice for handling Internet enquiries via RPS, please contact your Reapit Customer Relationship Manager.