Andrew Grant are up to 5 times more efficient since switching to Reapit

1st Dec 2011

Leading Independent estate agency firm Andrew Grant switched to Reapit from Vebra back in 2008. The change has ultimately led to a more focused and efficient business.

Andrew Grant is an 11 office network with a London presence covering Worcestershire, Herefordshire and adjoining counties. With their flagship head office in Worcester and smaller branch offices they employ around 100 staff. They deal with a diverse portfolio of property and use a range of brands to successfully market everything from starter homes to the region’s most prestigious and valuable estates. With Commercial, Lettings, Auctions and Fine Art divisions the business provides a robust set of property services.  

The firm previously used Vebra Estatecraft for around 18 years before moving to Reapit and therefore didn’t take the decision to move software products lightly. Kristian Stott, IT manager for Andrew Grant explains “We had the Estatecraft product for 18 years and it was great when we first got it but it didn’t develop as we had hoped.”

“The key reason we moved was to liberate our data, so that if we wanted to fine tune our web marketing, report on something, or export our data somewhere, we could do so without getting drawn into a debate about who owns our data or how it was ‘allowed’ to be represented.”

The firm eventually decided to switch to RPS in 2008 and the changeover period was not without challenges.

“Change is not something that should be avoided in business; it is merely something that needs be managed.”

“Switching software in any business can be an extremely painful experience no matter how professionally you go about it. You need to select a partner who can hold your hand, who can provide tangible and realistic timeframes for delivery and who can support, through both training and technical quality the migration process. I am delighted to say that at Andrew Grant we have selected the right partner in Reapit.”

 “The changeover was frightening and at times we were somewhat frantic, but we got all of the support from Reapit that we needed. Reapit cast a wide net out in front of us and that net caught all of the things we were worrying about. Reapit had also made us aware of any difficulties we may face from the very outset. We felt the transition was well managed by Reapit.”

“The first thing I noticed from the staff, was that people who I wouldn’t consider particularly technically adept or “super users” picked up the software quickly and instantly found RPS straightforward to use. Immediately there was a sense of comfort and faith in the product. There was a sense that they had been given a robust tool that was both accurate and easy to use and would help them go about their daily jobs with a bright nature and increased sense of purpose.”

“One thing that has become apparent is that Reapit allows us to set direction, in a number of different ways. We trust the product and therefore can focus on where we want to take the business and that is by making Reapit an integral part of how we conduct ourselves. We have taken the superb attributes of RPS and have trained those attributes in to our staff to create excellent estate agency techniques and practices.”

“For example, we have set a number of best practices throughout the business in terms of our customer service standards, Reapit has allowed us to manage these levels in a more productive and collaborative manner with our staff, rather than the old fashioned way of going round the offices and banging on desks and setting rules. We have now organised our precious time by setting reminders to make sure that the prescribed level of service is delivered. It’s a much more modern way of working.”

“Another huge benefit in moving to Reapit was the ability to streamline our administration procedures. We now manage all our typing, brochures, advertising etc. from a central team. Document automation, Workflows, checklists and document storage in Reapit have made this possible, effective, efficient and above all significantly less expensive than it used to be. We have essentially halved, our administration costs, a massive reduction!”

“All in all, I would say that our staff can do their job approximately five times faster and more efficiently since switching to Reapit. They can do that because of the way the RPS product flows and that beautiful minimalism which allows users not to get confused”